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We understand that this sport can be quite challenging, but there are methods to enhance your skills and transform yourself into a more intelligent, knowledgeable golfer, ultimately becoming a better player.


Putting feels and reals together. Understand the relationship between your brain and and your body to start your new learning process out on the right foot. Understand the importance of feedback along the way, content and video coaching. 


Using video analysis in each session and helping our students learn more about their swing. Our goal is to give you the tools to change on the fly, work yourself out of situations and become your own coach. 


Start the next season moving in the right direction. Improvement in the game comes with an educational experience, knowledge of your own game, reps throughout the off season and a new found hunger to get your feet on the links!


The Pro's and high level players all have coaches, don't be afraid to set out to learn more no matter how long you've been playing, age or skill level. 


You must develop your understanding within the realm of golf, as each facet of the sport presents a unique set of challenges and hurdles to conquer. Learning and progressing in this game demands patience, but the journey also promises substantial rewards.


The initial stride toward improvement involves pinpointing the start or acquiring fresh insights into how the movements in your body and swing influence the trajectory of your golf ball in relation to your target





Performance Coach | Athlete | Creator

Class A Teaching Professional

PGA Of Canada

Halifax, NS


Joining the PGA in 2016 Neal has been growing the game of golf for almost a decade. With his passion towards the sport of golf and the journey to be a high level Coach and Teacher, he brings his experience of competing at a collegiate level, professionally and his success within the his young career to every hour spent with his students. 


This game without proper instruction can be frustrating and finding the right Coach-Student relationship is what is most important. Neal sees coaching as a useful tool at any level, the Collegiate Gold medalist, five time professional winner and 2x PGA Player of the year, Coach can be certain on how important it is to have support in the game of golf, full time coach or even as simple as getting swing advice once a month. 

"You can't do this on your own, whether you are trying to play causal golf, shoot a score for the first time, break 90 or compete in a tournament. You need to have someone in your corner, otherwise is a long tough road to improvement."

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Golf Awards & Accolades 

2017 PGA Atlantic Canadian Assistant Professional Champion

2017 PGA Atlantic Canadian Professional Champion

2017 PGA Atlantic Canadian Player of The Year

2019 PGA Atlantic Canadian Team Professional Champion

2021 PGA Atlantic Canadian Team Professional Champion

2018 PGA Atlantic Canadian Assistant Professional Champion

2021 PGA Atlantic Canadian Player of The Year

2014 CCAA Collegiate Team Gold Medalist

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Meet coach

Locations & Partners

Proudly partnered with Dormie Workshop and Modern Golf Halifax for indoor locations within the city of Halifax. Outside lessons are performed at Oakfield Golf Club located in Enfield, NS.

If you are inquiring about lessons feel free to request a certain location to keep consistency through packages. Modern Golf Halifax is located in Dartmouth, NS at the Mic Mac Mall powered by Trackman. The Dormie Workshop private studio located at 3731 Mackintosh St, in Halifax is Foresight sports GC Hawk technology. Both locations offering high level simulators and experience's.  

Oakfield offers an outside learning environment offering all aspects of the game from a high end range (matts/grass) and a short game facility.

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Episodes & Education



Don't miss an opportunity by following along by subscribing to BunkerHouse on all platforms. Golf is such a unique sport, it's you versus yourself at all times. There's improving skills yes, and we're here to help you with that however what so many golfers miss is the opportunity to get better in overall Golf IQ! Along with improving on your current skills it will be our goal to develop your entire game. What does that mean? Well indulge yourself into our YouTube episodes to see what all the hype is about!


We work on our games just like you, we've been through it all and want to share that with you to help you along with your journey to becoming your best golfer! Tune in each week to grow your game through our online Workshop episodes hosts on the BunkerHouse Golf YouTube channel.

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Workshop | Feat. Ryan Lelievre

Workshop | Shoulder Plane

Workshop | Feat. Joe MacIsaac

Gaining power and speed is undoubtedly advantageous, but without the skill to harness and control these attributes, the game may leave us with some questioning. The ideal combination involves not only maintaining the speed but also strategically channeling it, a skill that many aspire to possess. In this Episode we are joined by PGA of Canada Teacher, Ryan Lelievre.

Coach Neal dives into the deeper understanding of how the how the shoulders can be an important piece of the puzzle. A large portion of focus always goes to our lower body, which yes is important but isn't always the root cause to more consistent golf. When the shoulders start to fluctuate flat or steep, too open or closed we have to find a spot to recover in the impact area and leading to tops, thins and general miss hits. 

Teaching Pro Joe MacIsaac join Coach Neal inside the Dormie Workshop Studio to discuss recent discoveries on his golf swing. Interested in adding more rotation to the swing, Joe seeks a second set of eyes to confirm some swings ideas and feels along with talking shop and picking up on any little thing that can spark the next lightbulb.

Affiliated  PGA Professionals


Ryan Lelievre

PGA Of Canada | Academy & Teaching Pro

Oakfield Golf Club, Enfield NS


Joe MacIsaac

PGA Of Canada | Club & Teaching Pro

The Links at Brunello, Timberlea NS

Solo Pic _ Josh.png

Josh Gracie

PGA Of Canada | Teaching Pro

Glen Arbour Golf Club, Hammonds Planes NS

All affiliated Pro's offer their own prices and packages determined by their facility. If you are a player of their club or area, reach out directly through email to inquire about teaching and instruction. 


More on Our YouTube Channel

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Neal and Josh play a 3 hole match on the backnine at Osprey Ridge Golf Club. Playing Holes 12-14 while one player searches to take divots once again the golf gods are around. Never a dull moment on the course with Gracie but can the guy piece together what they would call a golfswing to battle in this match. Coach will have to put the hairspray down and see if he can get the ball in the hole, as 1v1's haven't been his forte.

Thumbnail Quake.png

The fellas are joined by Artist Quake Matthews on the channel to check how much of a gamer this guy is! Nine hole match with Ryan, Quake and Neal with a different set of rules than usual. This episode the BunkerHouse Golf lads are starting at even par while Quake starts at -9. With a shot per hole can he hang on to the nine shot lead he is given or will one the pros find a way to catch some heat and put a little pressure on?

Thumbnail Josh and Neal _ Versus.jpg

Our first Episode of our new series head to head. Playing Holes 6-8 at Osprey Ridge Golf Course Ryan starts off hot with high bombs and weak trash talk. However full confidence Joe is certain he has the upper hand...that quickly turns once he find himself 40yards behind this human tank on the first two holes. Tune in to see who takes the lead early in our versus 1v1 matches.

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